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tools_256px mwp LOGOI’ve always been fascinated with technology. When I was 12 I rigged up a telephone system between my house and my friends house using a barbed wire fence and some army surplus bits and pieces. In my early twenties I built a kinetic art device that displayed music as patterns on  TV screen and I was  probably the first person in Australia with a calculator in 1974. So when computers came along I was enthralled. When the internet happened I was in heaven! At first I built websites from scratch using HTML and Dreamweaver but these days I have become quite proficient at building WordPress sites. You can see some examples below. Need a website? Talk to me. 

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Good Old Days Concerts

puts on three or four concerts every year for the elderly. This site is designed to promote these concerts and sell tickets. Note the feedback forms.

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Narelle Gee

wanted this site to promote her skills as a music producer and to promote her book about ABC TV’s ‘rage’

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Ted’s Lunch

Is a site I built for a group of retired ABC people I am involved with. It’s mainly  a repository of photos taken at the monthly lunch, but it does invite comment and for people to join the mailing list.

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The Village Scribe

I made this for a client who just wanted a site to promote his skills as a journalist, graphics designer and English editor. He manages to turn chenglish to english!

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Carolyn Brocherie

This is a very simple site designed to give Carolyn a presence in a very exclusive niche.

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