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video_256px I’ve been involved in television and video for about 50 years now, so you’d think it would be about time I gave it a rest! I’m just addicted. These days I restrict myself to editing although I’ll still do a bit of image capture. I’ve equipped myself to do editing from anywhere. My campervan is equipped with a non-linear editing system and mobile broadband, (with a high gain antenna), so that I can indulge my retirement wander lust but still produce videos.

*Video:jenolan caravan park, oberon

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This is an example of what I am doing at the moment. It’s so very simple but effective. I took most of the photos myself and the music is royalty free.  It’s designed to be featured  on my clients website and made available on Youtube. I put most of it together in my solar powered campervan at the campsite.

*Video:2005 ethnic business awards

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Back in 2005 I had the privilege to provide technical production for and produce the 2005 Ethnic Business Awards. I also directed and edited the contestant segments. This program was not only broadcast on SBS but, via the ABC Overseas Network, it had an audience of up to 90 million through India and Asia. No pressure! This video is by way of a sampler of the commercial hour programme. Please note the brilliant music composition of Rachel Gaudry.

*Video:aliens of the sea

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New York International Film Festival 1999: First prize Golden Camera Award. (and a standing ovation from the audience!)

International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana 2000: Two awards for outstanding cinematography.

This is an odd one. Pavel Achtel is an underwater filming fanatic. He built his own camera housings and was probably the first diver in Australia to use re-breathing scuba technology. The result was a large collection of amazing underwater footage that he didn’t quite know what to do with. In collaboration with Pavel and UK rock composer Gordon Reid, I produced, directed and edited “Aliens Of The Sea”. The video features a 5.1 surround sound audio track crafted by Mike Gissing at Digital City Studios with narration by Tim Elliot. This is the trailer.

It was very gratifying when the programme won several awards. 😀