Michael Wooller  Executive Summary:

  • Michael has been active in broadcast TV for forty years.
  • He is highly experienced at writing, producing, camerawork, editing and training, all to a highly professional level.
  • He has highly developed communication and interpersonal skills.
  • He is a skilled and effective trainer.
  • He has trained ABC staff, Indigenous people in Central Australia, students at TAFE and a whole TV station in Tamworth.
  • He is always willing to embrace the challenge of new technology and methods. He owns his own broadcast non-linear edit suite based upon ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ and builds and runs several web sites including http://michaelwooller.com and http://goodolddaysconcerts.com
  • There is very little in the broadcast TV field that Michael has not accomplished.
  • He has an ONC (UK) in electrical engineering, and is a graduate of the BBC Training College.
  • He even ran his own business in the Hunter Valley installing complex TV antenna systems and satellite receiver systems.

Michael Wooller  A Chronology:
Michael has been involved in the broadcast TV industry since 1968.

He started his working career as an electronics lab technician at The University of Sussex U.K., where he first became involved in CCTV. He obtained an ONC in Electrical Engineering and joined the BBC in early 1968. After graduating from the BBC’s Training Academy in all aspects of TV operations and some Radio, he worked at the BBC’s White City complex in London becoming a tracker and cameraman.

In 1970 he migrated to Australia and joined the ABC where he became a senior cameraman managing of a crew of 8 and then a floor manager and 1st assistant director. He also ran an ABC training course at Kellett Street on studio camera operation.

In 1979 he left the ABC and freelanced as a cameraman, floor manager and taught camera techniques at North Sydney TAFE.

In 1980 he joined a small corporate production company, where he designed built and managed a post-production suite and developed the skills of managing, writing, producing, budgeting, directing and editing. Usually all of them on the same production! His client list included IBM, Monsanto, Union Carbide, State Rail and Lady Mary Fairfax.

During this period he trained NEN9-8 Tamworth staff on running a studio for a live country music show, operationally and technically.

In 1983 he developed and managed a business in the Hunter Valley designing and installing complex terrestrial television antennae and distribution systems, BMAC then RABS satellite systems.

In 1984 he produced promos for NBN TV Newcastle.

In 1986 he returned to the ABC where he joined the Training Department and designed, built and managed an edit suite and set up a production unit producing in house training and promotional videos including the Ultimo Project promotional video.
When that unit ceased production in 1988, he was sent by the ABC on a special project to train indigenous people from Batchelor College NT in video production. With the students he produced a video on managing a community store in two indigenous languages. He was invited back two years in a row to lecture on all aspects of video and TV production at Batchelor College on behalf of the ABC and was also pleased to manage and teach a group of students from Batchelor College in Sydney whilst they were attending the AFTRS.

From 1988 to May 1998 he freelanced as a tape operator and editor in the TV industry working for a variety of companies, including NBN TV Newcastle, with protracted engagements in the ABC editing The Investigators, Blackout, Sporting Programs, Playschool etc..

From May 1998 he has been working for ABC TV Presentation, where apart from performing the normal tape editing functions and on air preparation work, he undertook the preparation, editing and conversion of video files for the ‘rage’ music video and Broadband web sites.

He played a pivotal role in the setting up of the operational management systems for, the then, FLY TV digital channel.

He is an expert in aspect ratio problems and program delivery requirements for ABC TV content distribution.
Until he retired he was the technical producer and senior editor for ‘rage’ music video program and edited 20 hours of programming for the ‘rage’ 20th anniversary show in April 2007.


‘Aliens Of The Sea’, Produced, Directed and Edited by Michael Wooller has won four awards in the US:

Best Underwater Documentary – New York International Film Festival 1999

2 Awards for Photography – International Wildlife Film Festival 2000

1st place Gold Camera Award Musical Documentary Section – 33rd US International Film & Video Festival 2000 (out of a field of 1600 entries from 30 countries)

More details on the web site www.aliensofthesea.com

He recently produced, directed and edited segments for the 2005 Ethnic Business Awards for SBS and ABC Asia Pacific. He was technical producer for the awards night shoot and edited the three hours of material recorded down to a 1hr program for SBS and ABC,

During the last 20 years Michael has found time to produce numerous promotional and training videos for organisations such as NSW Rural Fire Service, Kumon Australia, State Rail Authority, Central Coast Area Health Service, the ABC and many others.
He owns and operates his own full broadcast edit suite using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Michael Wooller brings to any project, big or small, a solid background and vast experience in the TV and video industry. He can write, produce, direct, shoot and edit on linear or non-linear systems.
There is very little in broadcast television that he hasn’t accomplished.

He can handle any event from a multi-camera TV program to training and promotional videos and is a skilled teacher and trainer.
A full client list is available on request.


You can reach him at:
Mobile 61 (0)4333 99998
131/3 Northville Drive,
Edgeworth NSW 2285