Small children are a gift. They’re just a few years away from having left God or source or everything that there is or whatever. And they haven’t had the cosmic connection taught out of them yet.

My granddaughter was only 4 years out of heaven when I had my heart attack. It was my own fault. I had consistently ignored my high blood pressure. Well this ostrich imitation resulted in a type A aortic dissection. Survival rate, not good. Thanks to brilliant paramedics I made it to hospital and was operated on by some of the best surgeons in the country.

Cassidy was concerned that her mother was so upset and wanted to know why. Vanessa explained that I was very sick in hospital and although everyone was doing their very best, I might die. It’s a lot to comprehend for a four year old. She had never experienced any one or any thing she knows dying. It was a new concept, so she went to her room to contemplate it. A little while later she came out and said “Mummy what can I do to help Michael?” Here it must be said that Vanessa is a most wonderful mother. Others might have dismissed the thought that anyone so young could have any part to play and given a dismissive answer. She felt totally helpless herself.
“Just send him lots of golden love and light” was her reply.
Cassidy retired to her room to consider this course of action.
A little while later she emerged carrying a cushion, which she placed in the centre of the lounge room. She sat cross-legged on the cushion in her very best lotus position and placed her Barbie tiara on her head. “Like this Mummy?” she asked. Her mother nodded. Then in a 4 year olds version of meditation, she closed her eyes and proceeded to send me golden light.

Meanwhile, back in hospital things were at crisis point. My body temperature had been reduced to 18 degrees C for the operation and I now had a piece of Dacron for an aorta and my aortic valve had been repaired. The problem was that although my temperature had been brought back up, my body was not retaining the huge amounts of blood that was being transfused into me. Everyone had done everything they could. It was up to me to start recovering.

One hundred kilometres away and on the second day, Cassidy sat down on her cushion in her very best lotus position wearing her tiara, closed her eyes and decided to send love and rainbows this time. After a while she said, “He’s alright now Mummy.” And then she added as she packed up her cushion and tiara, “He’s very big and golden is’t he?”

Back in the hospital I started the recovery process. I had decided to stay.
Interestingly as I became conscious I remember having a dream where I was a very big and golden Aztec. Coincidence?