How Your Life Unfolds Depends On What You Believe

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Sasha Xarrian, or Celia Vae Higley to call her by her birth name, is a very remarkable woman.
Her ability to think and live deliberately is phenomenal.

Celia was born to a Mormon family in Utah and learned from a very early age the power of faith and prayer.
Faith and prayer are not the preserve of the Mormons or any other religion. We all have faith in something even if it is only that the sun will rise in the morning and set at night. Every belief system has a version of prayer from reciting the holy Koran to meditating, kneeling in a Christian church or making a wish.

The Mormon Church has a very detailed belief system, which has a tendency to erase all doubt in a followers mind. For example, it regards itself as God’s only true Church and so will go to great lengths to obtain the names of people that have died, from any faith or non at all. These unknown people are then baptised by proxy into the Mormon faith. The belief is that when these strangers get to heaven baptised as Mormons they can live forever in the presence of the Heavenly Father and Jesus. Being a Mormon is a completely closeted and organised way of life. There is a doctrine for everything.

Sasha’s journey from being a successful young leading light of the all-encompassing Church through betrayal, disillusionment, poverty and despair to a successful businesswoman whilst raising six children is inspirational. It should be turned into a Hollywood movie, though I doubt that she would agree.

As a result of her betrayal and disillusionment she made the very difficult decision to leave the Mormons. However she took with her a system of faith and religious practice that went on to form a solid foundation upon which she could seek, test and develop her new life without question.

What she developed along the way was a remarkable system for manifesting whatever she desired – a house, wealth, relationships and getting parking spots whenever she wanted them!
Naturally she felt that other people could benefit from her experiences, discoveries and insights so she wrote a book or more accurately a course.

What is presented in Sasha’s book, “Outrageous Mastery”, is her journey through life, presented in a rather different format. It plays with her current belief system based on Xperimenting (sic) with life, power and with who we are (assuming we are special and possibly divine with divine and Godly powers.
“The power to create dreams is real. It is the energy force of the universe. It does not require hard work. It does not require sacrifice or compromise. It is the power to create a life of ease, filled with love, wonder, awe, laughter and play. And it is available to you – right now.” (from Outrageous Mastery)

Sasha makes the point that when you have a powerful positive belief system, where you believe you are not alone in creating your life, then magic happens. Little things occur, a conversation, a phone call. Then one day your whole world changes. You look forward to creating your life with a smile on your face, with enjoyment, with power and as a creator rather than someone to whom things just happen. Your good thoughts become things. Good things.

Now since our belief systems are how we create our lives, and determine whether we have fun or not, it is important to actively create the right belief system which will result in the good thoughts.
So, what is your belief system? Write it down.
What is it you believe about life? If it is not an empowering belief, create one that is. From this will come your thoughts, which become things. Make them good ones!

We all have belief systems whether we acknowledge them or not, and they are directing our lives. As Sasha discovered, you have the power to choose one that creates a fun, playful, loving and powerful life for you. One that demonstrates your outrageous mastery over the illusions of time and space.
In her book, Sasha discloses the results of her thirty years of Xperimenting, learning and experience, such as:

• How you acquire doubt-free & powerful faith
• How to create money
• How to blast through limitations, fear and worry
• How to heal illnesses
• How to hear answers to prayer
• How to pray effectively
• How to create daily miracles
• How to create outrageous love in your life

“Outrageous Mastery” is in three parts, Sasha’s story, the ‘how to’ book and a workbook to be used in conjunction with the ‘how to ‘ book.
It is only available as an ebook on the internet.

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I thoroughly recommend it.